Licensed and Experienced

At PINPOINT Inspections, our inspectors are state licensed professionals with over 20 years of industry experience. We offer outstanding customer service and we are always available by phone or email.

Once your inspection is scheduled, you can expect us to promptly arrive at the expected time of service. We document all issues uncovered during inspection in an informative summary detailing the problems with both written content and digital photos. Our inspection reports are easy to understand and are printed &/or emailed on site immediately following the inspection. We thoroughly review and explain all of our findings with our customers as we review the report together or we are available to answer questions by phone if you are not able to attend the inspection.

Free Follow-Up Inspection

As part of our commitment to excellence, PINPOINT offers a free follow-up inspection. The free follow-up inspection must be scheduled within three months of the initial inspection date. This free follow-up will confirm that the repairs from the inspection report have been properly completed as requested.

Licensed professionals.
PINPOINT provides thorough home inspections. In simple terms, an inspection provides information about the health of your home.
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